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Proven Results

The Baby Bottle Boomerang has proven results and great flexibility to function as a small fundraiser or as a major program with dramatic results. It can be conducted in many churches at one time during a special emphasis such as Sanctity of Human Life month in January, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Respect Life in October, or any other time that fits your schedule. However, it can be equally effective if done in one church or a few at a time throughout the year.

Many ministries raise over $50,000 per year, and some have exceeded $100,000 annually. The amount will depend on the number and size of churches that participate and your effectiveness in administering the program. While any baby bottle program may raise funds and awareness for your ministry, the detailed training, support, the range of products, and the quality and design of the bottle provided by Plans for You will make a significant difference in the results.

Plans for You, the Baby Bottle Boomerang, and the design of the bottle were literally a gift from God, and we believe it was meant as a tool to raise funds for pro-life ministries. We have chosen to honor the program exactly as He gave it to us. We would love to share the story of the “baby bottle gift” with you if you would like to hear it.

Perhaps as important as the funds raised is the potential the program has to develop and/or grow the relationship with the churches. Plans For You, Inc., has many years of firsthand experience in doing the program, as well as valuable feedback from many of our participating organizations that we gladly share with others. We are committed to help you maximize your potential in conducting the program.