Proven Fund-Raising Success for Pro-Life Organizations

Our Strategy

Our fundraising strategy is simple to administer and guaranteed to generate funds and increase awareness for your organization. Allow us to help you tell your pro-life message with the Baby Bottle Boomerang Fundraising Program.

Since its inception in 2001, over 1,600 pro-life organizations have used the Baby Bottle Boomerang to raise over

$ 0 m

Helping You Fulfill Your Call

God has called you to the vital mission of saving the lives of the unborn and leading women and men into the presence of Jesus Christ. He has called us to the task of helping you accomplish that work.

Plans for You and the Baby Bottle Boomerang™ will give you the knowledge, the products, and the optimum support needed to conduct a successful and profitable baby bottle fundraising program.

Call us today and let us help you raise tens of thousands of dollars for your ministry within as little as thirty days.


We recognize there are other places you can buy baby bottles. We understand that. But there is no other supplier and partner like Plans for You.

We are solely dedicated to the pro-life cause and to the role God called us into in 2000—helping to stop abortion by providing counsel, training, encouragement, as well as supplies, to the organizations that are as committed to the pro-life cause as we are. 

There is no other political issue that could be as all-consuming mentally, physically, and emotionally as the life of the unborn child and the welfare of the mother. While each of us likely have committed our time, talents, and funds to beliefs about other political topics, nothing impacts the moral and spiritual life of our nation like the killing of an unborn child while still in its mother’s body.

It is because of God’s clarion call into this ministry that we have dedicated ourselves to serving those of you on the front lines of the battle for life. We will never say no to an opportunity to help you, and we will never turn you down because of lack of funds. We will always find a way to say yes—as those of you who know us will agree. We are different from any other supplier, and we will never back down from our commitment to serve you with integrity, honesty, and the best products on the market.

But Plans for You is more than fundraising. It was founded in 2000 in obedience to God’s call and is committed to the biblical principle of life. God is the author of life, and the Bible is filled with examples of the value of life even before birth. Psalm 139:13 & 14 describes the unborn as God’s “work” and “possession.” We commit to you that we will partner with you to achieve your LIFE goals, pray for you and your ministry, and serve you with honesty and integrity.

Our Commitment to You

Plans for You was started by the hand of God, as was the Baby Bottle Boomerang. The program, the design of the bottle, the name of the bottle, and the instructions to give the program away to other centers were part of the call. We are committed to serving Him and to serving you with honesty, integrity and the expertise that has been gained in over 20 years of pro-life experience. 

While China produces the least expensive bottles on the market, we will never dishonor your commitment to life by selling you bottles from China because of its forced-abortion policy.

Our bottles are the finest in the industry and include hard plastic materials that will not deteriorate or need replacing over time. Unlimited telephone consulting comes free to every Baby Bottle Boomerang ministry that needs our help in creating a successful program for their churches.

We have always found a way to say yes to your baby bottle needs, including credit terms when needed. We will continue to do what it takes to make your program successful. We will provide, at no cost, all of the information and training needed to conduct a successful Baby Bottle Boomerang Campaign.

The pro-life ministries who counsel women and men and help make it possible for them to choose life for the unborn are our heroes. We are privileged to serve you.